15 October 2015

HHNW Surgical Techs

Meet our surgical techs Monica, Erica and Jessica:
Monica has been  working as a tech for 8 years and presently works for Kot Hospital She has 4 children aged 17, 16, 13, and 12. Monica has fallen in love with  Rwanda.  She went on the excursion, "A Day in the Life" it has changed her life. She met a mother of 7 whose youngest baby has a medical problem. Monica is ready to sponsor the child and cover her medical costs if not adopt the baby! She also is having her wedding dress made by a tailor at the market using some of the fabric she got on the excursion. She is going to be married in May! Stay tuned.
Jessica has worked for 6 years as a tech and started in orthopedics and moved to open heart.  She chose to be a surgical tech because she really wanted to be "hands on".  She also was adamant about working with hearts.  Jessica persisted in applying for the open heart surgical position and it took five rounds of applications to land the job at Providence Sacred Heart.  She is fascinated by the heart and the "life force" of it.
Jessica also has 4 children, 3 boys and 1 daughter 15 to 7.

Erica also works  at Providence Sacred Heart and has been a tech for 13 years, 8 of them at Sacred. Incidentally, both Erica and Monica went to the same community college in North Carolina to do their training (at a different time and did not know each other). She has always wanted to do a mission trip and is really "hooked" on being here. Eric has 2 children and she often returnins from work excitedly sharing her day's stories with them.

All of these women emote a passion for their job and their joy in being here in Rwanda.

Open Heart OR friends, Jessica, Monica and Bethany

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